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Top 10 Best Export Business in India 2020



Best Export Business in India 2019

The following best export business in India are prepared based on the products those are majorly imported by USA from India and other countries. Therefore, opportunities and demand for these products are extremely high in the USA market [1]. These are highly profitable export business ideas in 2020.

Any small business can manufacture or procure these listed products and export to the USA. You may not need a high investment or huge manufacturing set up to make and export these products. Therefore very low risk, little or no investment, but high profit.

Moreover, the listed products are commonly manufactured or easily sourced from India. Hence, you can attain high profit by sourcing these products for very low cost and export products to USA for high price.

Best export business in India to Start This Year

1. Handmade Carpets and Floor Coverings

India is the largest producer of handmade carpets in the world. India is also the leading exporter of handmade carpets in the global market. India exported US$ 1427 million value of handmade carpets during 2017 to 2018. India is exporting around 40% overall handmade carpet exports worldwide. The USA is the largest importer of carpets and floor coverings in the global market.

Germany, UK, Australia and UAE are the other countries are importing carpets and textile floor coverings from carpet exporters in India. The new exporters of carpets can get export assistance and other business related assistance from The Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC), which is the apex body of handmade carpets and floor covering exporters in India [2].

2. Leather Goods, Handbags & Travel bags

India is the place for a huge amount of raw materials required to manufacture leather bags and leather handmade articles. According to a report, India produces 13% of leather when compared to the overall international leather production [3].

Leather goods such as hand bags & travel bags, leather footwear, finished leather products and leather garments are the major leather goods in a huge demands in the International market. The new exporters of leather goods and leather articles can get export assistance and other business related assistance from a non profit organisation, The Council for Leather Exports (CLE) [4]. USA is the largest importer of leather goods from India. Following the USA, other countries import leather articles from India are Germany, UK, Italy and Hong Kong.

3. Tea and Coffee

India is one of the largest producers and exporters of tea and coffee in the global market [6]. In 2017, USA imported $486.8 million worth of tea from other countries. Russia, UK, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt are the other major importers of tea [7].

Tea Coffee Export from India
Tea Coffee Export from India

You can also export tea to other Asian countries and European countries who holds the first and second places respectively in importing tea [7]. Thus, Tea export from India is a profitable business in 2019.

4. Spices

India is the home market of spices and the world’s largest producer and exporter of spices. Among the 109 varieties of spices listed in ISO (International Organization for Standardization), 75 varieties of spices are produced in India.

India’s total spice trading is equivalent to almost half of the global spice trading. India exported US$3.11 value of spices to the US market alone during 2017 to 2018. Other major importers of Indian spices are Hon Kong, UK, UAE, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh [5].

5. Millet and Grains

India is one of the largest producers and exporters of wheat and millet in the global market. India has produced 116,000 metric tones of millet last year [8]. The demand for grains and millet are extremely high in the Unites States due to their low production level.

6. Fruits and Vegetables

The New York Times reported that most of America’s fruits are imported from other countries. The report also mentioned that the import of fruits in this country will further grow up to 45% till 2027. USA also imports half of its vegetables from foreign countries [9]. This report shows the huge opportunity for fruits and vegetable exporters in India and other countries.

Fresh onions, Mangoes, grapes, Cucumber, processed fruit juices and other fresh fruits and vegetables are the major products export from India to the USA [10].

7. Toys

The demand for Indian handmade toys in various materials has been increasing in the recent years. Increase of labour cost in China has given more opportunity to Indian toys exporters. The following types of toys are usually imported by the USA importers in huge quantity.

  • Man made and Handmade toys
  • Wooden toys
  • Animal and cartoon toys made in silk textile materials
  • Toys and Articles made in Rubber
  • Toys and Articles made in Plastic

8. Natural or Organic Honey

The demand for Indian Organic honey is high in the international markets, specifically the USA. In 2018, India exported 42655 metric tons of Natural honey to the USA. Saudi Arabia, The United Arabic Emirates, Canada and Qatar are other major importers of Indian organic honey. India also exports natural honey to Bangladesh, Nepal, Kuwait, Morocco and Germany [11].

The various types of honey export from India includes Rapeseed / Mustard Honey, Eucalyptus Honey, Lychee Honey, Sunflower Honey, Karanj / Pongamea Honey, Multi-flora Himalayan Honey, Acacia Honey, Wild Flora Honey, Multi and Mono floral Honey [12].

9. Organic Soap and Cosmetics

There is a rising demand for organic soap and cosmetics in the international markets and emerging markets such as China and India. Organic bar soap and Organic liquid soap are in high demand in the international market [13]. As per the report United States, Canada, Mexico and rest of North America could be considered as the major target market to export Organic Soap and cosmetics from India in 2019.

10. Cotton and Cotton Products

India has the largest cotton growing areas in the world. Gujarat is the leader in cotton and cotton product production in India. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Rajastan and Tamilnadu are the other states manufacturing cotton in a huge quantity followed by Gujarat [14]. Although, USA also produces cotton in a large quantity, the increasing demand for cotton products in the country increases their import rate. Any small and medium companies also export a huge quantity of cotton to the USA and other international market and gain profit in this year.


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Top 10 Best Agricultural Products to Export from India to Singapore



Export from India to Singapore

India and Singapore maintain a good bilateral trade for many years. This article discusses the best export business to export products from India to Singapore and how to export these products from to Singapore. 

Precious gems, chemical products, textile products, leather products and agricultural products including vegetables & fruits are the common products exported from India to many countries. 

The USA tops the list where India exports its products. Singapore is in the 10th position among the top countries that import products from India. 

In December 2019, India exported the products worth 36.16 billion INR to Singapore. 

Let us figure out what Singapore imports from India. 

What Singapore Imports from India?

Singapore is a major import and export partner of India. Consumer goods, machines & electronic goods, vehicles, precious stones, glass materials and chemicals are the major products imported by Singapore from India.

In recent years, Singapore imported vegetables, textiles products, plastic products, footwear, wood and metal products from Indian exporters. 

Agricultural products are the best choice to export from India to Singapore, because the demand of Indian agricultural products are growing in Singapore. 

Best Agricultural Products to Export from India to Singapore

The best agricultural products exported from India to Singapore were selected based on the export products report published by APEDA.

1. Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice 

India holds the name as the largest rice supplier to Singapore. Vietnam and Thailand are the other major rice suppliers to Singapore. 

Basmati rice, non-basmati rice and idli rice are highly exported from India to Singapore.

2. Milk and Dairy Products

Fresh Milk, Ghee, Milk Sweets and Cakes and Cookies made with milk are imported by Singapore from India. 

Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Mumbai and Ahmedabad are the major cities export milk and other dairy products to Singapore

Exporters from Chennai and Cochin prefer sea transit and exporters from other cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore prefer Air transit to export milk and dairy products to Singapore. 

3. Fresh Vegetables & Fruits 

Fresh Onions, potatoes, tomatoes, coconuts, soya beans, ginger and Cucumbers are the largest exporting vegetables to Singapore from Indian farmers.

Mangoes, mango pulp, watermelon, papaya and fresh grapes are exported from India to Singapore in largest quantities when compared to other fruits. 

If you want to export vegetables from India to Singapore, Air transit is the best way to export.

4. Cereal Preparations

India is the largest producer and exporter of cereal in the global market. 

Rice, millet, wheat, barley and corn are major cereals produced and exported to Singapore and other international markets.

5. Groundnuts

Indian groundnut or peanut suppliers export groundnuts to Singapore (5% of the total export from India).

European Union (42%) is the largest importer of groundnuts from India. India also exports groundnuts to the USA, Indonesia, Canada and Malaysia.

6. Flowers

Jasmine and Rose are the major types of the flowers exported to Singapore in large quantities from India. 

Wedding Garlands, Gerbera flowers, Carnation flowers and all types of Indian flowers are majorly exported to Singapore.

Air transit is the best option to export flowers to Singapore.  

7. Processed Dry Fruits and Nuts

Cashew nuts, Almonds, Pista and Walnut are the popula nut varieties exported to Singapore from India.

Sun dried fruits, raisins, apricots, dried berries and fig (anjeer) are the dried fruits exported to Singapore from India.  

8. Jaggery

Different types of jaggery are processed and exported as jaggery cubes to Singapore and other international markets from India.

The demand for palm jaggery is also slowly growing in the international market. 

Sea transit is the common transit medium used by the jaggery exporters from Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. 

9. Natural Organic Honey

India and New Zealand are the fastest growing natural honey exporters in the global market. 

Natural honey is one among the important food products imported by Singapore from Indian exporters. 

Singapore also imports natural honey from other countries including China, New Zealand, Germany, Argentina and Mexico. 

10. Spices and Masalas

India is the largest producer and exporter of spices and masalas. 

Pepper, Chilli, turmeric, cardamon, ginder, cumin, coriander, fenugreek and curry powders are majorly exported from India to Singapore and global markets. 

Spices and masalas can be easily sourced from many wholesale suppliers and distributors from India. 

The list of agricultural products suggested in this article to export from India to Singapore is prepared based on the demand in Singapore and high production rate in India.

Exporting such a combination of products will give you high profit in your export business from India to Singapore.

Give your choice of export and experience in the below comments section. 

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Country Chicken Farm [Nattu Kozhi Farm] in Tamilnadu



Country Chicken Farm in Tamilnadu

Starting a country chicken farm in Tamilnadu is a profitable business idea in the current trend.

This article provides the list of country chicken (nattu kozhi) farm in different cities in Tamilnadu.

Country Chicken Farm Project

A perfect country chicken farm project must have a detailed plan on constructing sheds for chickens, sources of organic feeds, hatching facilities and free-range rearing facilities.

There are various methods followed by different poultry farms in rearing country chickens. Free-range rearing with organic feeding method would make your poultry farms as the best country chicken farm. 

[Also Read: Country Chicken Farming Business Idea ]

Country Chicken Farm in Tamilnadu 

Tamilnadu is one among the largest state in producing country chicken, meat and eggs in India.

The consumption rate of organic country chicken has been increasing in Tamilnadu.

This country chicken farming business opportunity has been increasing the numbers of country chickens farms in urban and suburban areas in Tamilnadu.

The country chicken farming is steadily growing in Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem and many other parts of Tamilnadu. 

Country Chicken Farm in Chennai

1. Sai Natha Organic Country Chicken Farm

Sai Natha Organic Nattu Kozhi Farm in Chennai is located at Kattupakkam. You can buy the best country chicken at Sai Natha Farms for wholesale price.

Country chickens are reared in a natural habitat conditions and processed with care in a hygienic environment.

Custom cuts accordingly to your cooking needs, perfect packaging and fast delivery are the key factors of this country chicken farm.

Video Courtesy: Sai Natha Country Chicken Farm


105, Kamala Gardens, Mount Poonamallee Road, 
Kattupakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu – 600 056

For Orders: 

+91-944 403 9397
+91-893 903 9397

2. Saila Free Range Nattu Kozhi Farm 

Saila country chicken farm in Chennai is located at Nuthanjeri, near Madambakkam. They rear country chickens in the traditional free-range method. You can also get fresh country chicken eggs at this place. 

Saila country chicken farm
Saila Country Chicken Farm


Nuthanjeri Main Road,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600126

For Orders: 

+91-90878 77979

3. Ruby Country Chicken Farm

Ruby Farm is a self-sufficient country chicken farm located at Katur (Avaid to Redhills road), a suburban area of Chennai. They sell live country chicken for competitive wholesale price in the market.

Ruby farm is famous for its Giriraja and Vanaraja Chicken varieties. 

Nattu Kozhi by Ruby Poultry – Video Courtesy: India Mart


No. 1, Kannadapalayam Main Road, 
Avadi to Redhills road, Kattur,
Chennai, Tamilnadu – 600062

For Orders:


4. Georgge Farms

Georgge country chicken farm in chennai is located at Thoraipakkam. They sell live country chickens, rabbits and ducks.

Country chicken eggs are also available at this farm. Rearing live country chicken in free-range rearing method is a key factor of this farm. 


No. 115 Kumaran Kudil, 6th Cross street, Thoraipakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu – 600097

For Orders:

+91 9884938273

Country Chicken Farm in Coimbatore

1. Onnest Organic Country Chicken Farm

Onnest Chicken farm sell organic country chicken eggs for competitive price in Coimbatore.

They rear country chicken in free-range rearing method and offers only organic feed to their chicks and chickens. 


EB Colony, Saravanampatti,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641035

For Orders: 


2. AK Country Chicken Farms

AK country chicken farm in Coimbatore sell country chicken breeds, chicks and country chicken eggs.

This country chicken farm also sell fighting roosters and eggs of fighting breed country chickens. 


Kuppusamy street, Uliyampalayam,
Near delhi public school,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641109

For Orders:


Country Chicken Farm in Salem 

1. SS Nattu Kozhi Pannai 

SS Nattu Kozhi Pannai at Salem rear all types of country chicken breeds that include Kadaknath, Aseel, Siruvidai and Peruvidai. 


7-112 Kattuvallavu, Gajjalnaickenpatti, 
Salem, Tamil Nadu 636201

For Orders: 


2. Raja Country Chicken Farm

This country chicken farm offers aseel breed of live country chicken and meat for wholesale price in Chinna Salem.


Triuvika nagar, 
Chinnasalem, Tamil Nadu – 606201.

For Orders: 


3. Navi Country Chicken Farm

Navi country chicken farm in Salem sell the pure country chicks (peruvidai breed). 


Near salem Polytechnic college, Panamarthupatty,
Salem, Tamil Nadu – 636201

For Orders: 


4. The Salem Country Chicken Farm

This poultry farm sells Aseel variety of country to chicks. They sell country chicks in different prices based on the age of the chicks (one day old chicks, one month chicks and two month chicks).

The Salem Country Chicken farm is located in Salem. 


Nalikalpatti, Dasanaikenpatty,
Salem, Tamil Nadu – 636201

If you any personal experience with these country chicken farms, please comment your experience below.

For Orders:  


This list of country chicken farm in Tamilnadu is open to you. You can suggest other farms based on your experiences in order to add in this list .

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No More UBER EATS in India – Zomato Bags its Stocks



No More Uber Eats

Zomato is yet to buy all the stocks of Uber’s food business in India. Uber has decided to sell its business to its top most competitor Zomato. 

Uber Technologies Inc., the parent company of Uber Eats has taken this decision to cut its losses faced in the global market. 

Uber Eats started its food delivery business in 2017 with a huge investment against its rival Zomato. 

Deepinder Goyal, the founder of Zomato has confirmed this deal and also assured to offer better quality of service to its added customers in the market. 

Together is Better 🙂 for Zomato and for the the customers.

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