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Tech Mahindra Jobs in Chennai – PLAY/AKKA, JAVA/J2EE Developer



Tech Mahindra Job Openings in Chennai
  • Full Time
  • Chennai

Website Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra Job Openings for Play/Akka, JAVA/J2EE Developers.

Qualification: A Bachelor’s or Higher Degree is the minimum entry required for the position

Position: Associate Tech Specialist


Total Experience: 3.00 to 7.00 Years

No of Openings: 8

Location: CHENNAI, India

Domain: IT

Job Description: Play/Akka JAVA/J2EE JDK 1.8, JSP Spring, Spring Boot, AJAX, Design Patterns, XML, Multi threading

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Vaiko Speech in Rajya Sabha, August 1, 2019



Vaiko Speech in Rajya Sabha

Vaiko Speech in Rajya Sabha regarding The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill on 1st August 2019. He made his maiden speech in the parliament house.

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Country Chicken Farming [Business Idea]

Country Chicken Farming Business is a trend in many Indian villages and cities. Starting a country chicken farm is a profitable business idea for those who are interested in rearing chicken and other pets.



Country Chicken Farming Business Idea
Country Chicken Farm
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Country Chicken 

Country chicken is popularly known as Nattu Kozhi in Tamilnadu. In North India, it is called as Desi Chicken, Desi Murgi or Nati Chicken. It is also called as Natu Kodi in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Country chicken farming is a good start-up business idea.

Country Chicken are the pure chicken breeds originated in different places of India. Broiler chickens are mostly reared only for meat. These are young chickens which are marketed at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Country Chicken are raised for their eggs and meat.

Country Chicken Farming in India

Chicken farming in India has been growing tremendously with the support of technology and commercial farming strategies. 

In earlier days, country chicken or desi chicken were reared by families in their backyard poultry for their own needs of eggs and meat. Since last two decade, Country chicken farming in India has transformed from domesticated small scale farming for meat needs of families into commercial large scale farming. 

The reason for this transformation is the growing demand for country chicken among the meat consumers in India. The growing demands have been achieved by country chicken farms in India through commercial poultry activities.

Types of Country Chicken Breeds in India 

Aseel and Kadaknath are the two major pure Indian breeds reared in backyard poultry as well as large scale commercial poultry.  

Aseel Country Chicken
Aseel – Country Chicken Breed


Aseel is well known for its fighting qualities, high stamina and majestic gait. The pattern of movement of the limbs of animals is known as gait. It has broad breast, long neck and very strong legs.

Aseel is a rarely available breed which can be found mostly in Andhra Pradesh, Rajastan and Uttar Pradesh. This type of breed lays around 80 to 95 eggs per year.

Kadaknath Country Chicken
Kadaknath – Country Chicken Breed


Kadaknath breeds usually in bluish to black colour. The internal organs of this breed may also in dark black colouration. The blood of this breed is darker when compared to usual blood colour.

A normal chicken may lay around 80 to 105 eggs per year. This breed has very strong immunity that resists diseases naturally. However, intensive rearing condition is not recommended since it may cause Mareks disease which is an infectious disease of poultry.  

Naked Neck Country Chicken
Naked Neck – Country Chicken Breed

Naked neck, Busra, Siruvidai and Peruvidai are other breeds of Country Chicken. Siruvidai and Peruvidai breeds are mostly reared in Tamilnadu.

6 Advantages of Country Chicken Farm Business 

  1. High Demand: Increasing demand for country chicken meat and egg produced by them in India is a positive social factor that will support your growth in this business. 
  2. Low Initial Investment: You can start country chicken farming business even with two birds initially and increase the count later. 
  3. Short Payback Period and Faster Return on Investment: This business will yield revenue within 5 to 6 months. You can attain a Good profit within one year after starting the farm.
  4. Low or No labour cost: In any business, labour cost may eat a major part of income generated by the business. Burt, Country Chicken farming requires minimum labour. Initially, your family members alone join hands and manage the poultry. 
  5. Low feeding cost: Various agricultural by products, left over food wastes and grains can be used to feed these birds. Therefore, feeding cost is very low, which may increase profitability.
  6. Health benefits: Country chicken farming has both personal and social benefits. Your home and your society could reap the health benefits from the nutritional eggs and meat. 

Country Chicken Farming Business Idea

A country chicken naturally live for six or more than six years. A chicken may lays eggs for 2 years. Broiler chickens start laying their first egg in 17 to 19 weeks. However, country chickens takes some more weeks to produce eggs.

Aseel breed may start laying its first egg after 28 weeks. Kadaknath breed may take 25 weeks to start laying eggs. 

An average country chicken lays 90 eggs approximately per year. Annual revenue from one chicken through eggs alone around 900 to Rs.1350. A chicken can be sold for more than Rs.500. If you raise 100 country chicken initially, then you can gain a huge revenue of around Rs.3 Lakhs to Rs.5 Lakhs in a year. 

Aseel may gain 1.25 kilograms in 20 weeks. Likewise, Kadaknath breed may gain 950 grams in this period. An average weight of Aseel breed hen is 3 to 4 kilograms and Aseel breed cock is 4 to 5 kilograms.

The quality of meat and eggs will be better if you grow the birds in a stress free organic farm.

This country chicken business will be highly profitable when you raise chicken in sheds instead of backyard farming method. This is a good commercial form of rearing country chicken for high profit. 

Although country chicken has higher resistance to diseases, vaccination is important when you maintain a large commercial farm. 

Country Chicken commonly depends on scavenging insects in nearby places where they grow in free range. However, high protein intake and cereal are required for quality egg production and meat. 

The, Cereal feed is highly recommended for country chicken if they are rearing for meat purpose. They must be fed twice a day with mixed grains such as broken rice and Ragi. 

Commercial feed is not required in a high quantity when you grow country chicken in free range.

Business Budget

Approximate budget to start a country chicken farm for raising 100 chicks is estimated here. 

A shelter made of simple nets and local available materials in around 1000 square.ft  Rs.5000
Cost of chicks (at Rs.25) Rs.2500
Cost of commercial feed for 3 months (excluding domestic food waste) (Rs.1 x 100 chicks x 30 days) Rs.3000
Miscellaneous cost Rs.3000
Total initial investment Rs.13500

The estimated initial budget is Rs.13500, approximately for raising 100 chicks. You can also start this country chicken farming business in a small scale as domestic farming with very little investment.

The demand is high for country chicken and the business requires low investment and rearing cost. Thus, the business would attain high success rate and profitability. 

It is never too late to start your own business. Start Now…

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3 Harmful effects of Maida Flour – Maida Side Effects



Maida Side Effects

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How maida is made? What are the harmful side effects of Maida flour? What is in Maida that causes health effects? What are the side effects of maida during pregnancy? You will get the answer to all these questions in this article.

Maida Flour is finely refined and bleached wheat flour. It is also known as refined wheat flour. It contains very less protein when compared to all the purpose flour those used in most of the food recipes in India. Maida Flour is a significant part of the baking industry. It is playing a vital role in making food products that stimulate harmful effects on human health. Paratha (Parotta), Samosa, Bread and Cakes are commonly prepared using Maida flour. Maida is the major ingredient of fast foods and junk foods.

How Maida flour is made?

I believe many of us know that maida is prepared from wheat grains. Is it sounds that maida is not so harmful to your health? But, the answer is No.

Maida is finely refined flour which is made from wheat grains. The regular wheat grain has three different elements namely the germ, the bran, and the endosperm. The major nutrients and protein in wheat reside in the germ and the bran parts of the grains. But, maida is prepared from the endosperm part of wheat grain. Maida flour is made by finely milling this endosperm which does not offer any nutrients including protein. Maida is prepared by the extracts after separating 97% of the rich fiber for Wheat flour.

Maida flour has no nutrient value. So what? Why maida still causes many side effects? It is because of the refining process,  bleaching process and the chemical used in the bleaching of wheat flour extract.

Wheat flour is finely refined using microsieve multiple times to produce refined flour, which is another name of maida. This refined flour is then bleached with the chemical named Benzoyl Peroxide. It is a highly toxic bleaching agent used in maida preparation.

Maida flour preparation does not end with bleaching. We have one more process called, Softening. Did you ever touch maida in your hands? So soft, hmm. Alloxan is used to bleach this extract in order to make it soft and white. The decomposed product of uric acid is known as Alloxan. Alloxan in Maida cases various health effects on a human being.

Poor nutrition food Causes Health issues

As Maida is made by removing 97% of the fiber-rich wheat, this refined flour has very poor nutritional value. While extracting Maida from Wheat flour, the following nutrients are removed.

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B, E
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Protein
  • Beneficial Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Maida Side Effects

Poor nutrition is not only the reason to avoid Maida, but also it cases very harmful side effects on human health. Food prepared with Maida as an ingredient causes three harmful side effects of Maida flour namely indigestion & constipation issues, type II diabetes and heart diseases.

1. Maida causes Indigestion & Constipation

The food products made by Maida such as Parotta and white bread have a compact matrix and solid food properties. These are not rapidly digested foods. This kind of food lowers the blood response and they are not readily accessible to the digestive enzymes. Thus, Parotta, White bread, Samosa and other food products made by Maida are hard to digest by the digestive system.

Improper diet and Complex carbohydrate in the food are the major reasons for constipation. Foods made with Maida have complex carbohydrates that lead to constipation. Thus, Maida is the main ingredient to avoid in food in order to avoid constipation.

2. Maida causes Type II Diabetes

Regular consumption of foods made by Maida increases the level of glucose in the blood. A human body must produce a maximum amount of Insulin in order to manage the effects caused by refined food consumption. As mentioned earlier, Alloxan is used to improve the softness and colour of Maida. Alloxan destroys a huge amount of pancreatic beta cells in the blood. The main duty of Pancreas is regulating the sugar and glucose level in the human body. Thus, the utilization of Alloxan deregulates the blood sugar level in blood and damages blood cells that lead to diabetics. The high pace of pancreas release by the chemical used in Maida reduces the production of insulin required to regulate the blood sugar that causes type II diabetic.

3. Maida Causes Obesity & Heart Problems

Quick weight gain and storage of fat in the body are caused by the consumption of Maida. As we all aware, these are the major reason for the heart attacks in India. The chemicals in Maida have the ability to negatively affect the natural properties of the hormones that cause rapid weight gain.

As we discussed the side effects maida floor, it evident that there are major health effects caused by this refined flour. However, I want to convey the dangerous side effect of maida during pregnancy which is a special case.

Side effects of maida during Pregnancy

Eating bread, cake and biscuits which are made by maida could add a huge calorie count in your diet during pregnancy. Your weight would increase at a fast pace without your knowledge.

Constipation is a common problem for women during pregnancy. Eating bread or other maida flour food products could increase this problem. Indigestion and fullness caused by maida flour may restrict you to take additional nutrients which are necessary for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a God’s gift. Better avoid eating these foods during pregnancy.

Are you still consuming foodstuffs made by Maida flour?

The brief study on the side effects of Maida has emphasized that the decline of human health is the contribution of Maida. Thus, it can be considered that Maida is an imperative source that causes type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The studies have found that the intake of whole grain products like wheat flour has very less relation to Obesity. These products also lower the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, the consumption of dietary fiber from whole grains and cereals reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Thus, consumption of food prepared by wheat flour is healthier than the consumption of foodstuffs prepared using Maida.


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3 Harmful effects of Maida Flour – Maida Side Effects
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3 Harmful effects of Maida Flour – Maida Side Effects
Maida Flour is a significant part of the baking industry. It is playing vital role in making food products that stimulates harmful effects to human health. Food prepared with Maida as an ingredient causes three harmful side effects of Maida flour namely indigestion & constipation issues, type II diabetes and heart diseases.
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