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4 Indian Languages Dominate Google Searches



Google Indian Languages

“Indian language internet users to reach 536 million in 3 years, according to a report by Google”.

The price war among the Indian telecommunication companies and the entry of Reliance Jio Infocomm with free internet voice call have tremendously increased internet users in India. The result of increasing numbers of Indian internet users has stimulated many Internet companies to provide information in Indian languages. Moreover, the trend that techies frequently use the internet was changed and even the elementary school students to people with all profession India use Google and many familiar internet applications for their daily needs. People in India prefer their search and relate information in their regional languages. This trend has increased the regional language websites and users in a greater level in India.

Google, the internet giant has declared the tremendous growth of Indian regional language internet users. According to the report by Google, more than 234 million users in India are regional language users, whereas only 175 million users are English language Internet users in India. The internet giant is also predicted the rise of non-English internet users to reach 536 million by 2021.

“Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Bengali are the major Indian languages dominate Google Searches in India”.

The Indian internet users in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi are the regional language internet users accounting for 30% of the total non-English users in India. Google is already supporting Tamil, Hindi and Bengali languages for its advertisements and searches. Recently, Google has extended its support to the Telugu language for advertising after sensing the significant rise of Telugu internet users.

India is the second country with 400 million internet users base in the world. In addition, 8 to 10 million users for every month are adding to this count from India. Thus, Google is focusing on increasing the support of Indian languages for its leading products. Specifically, Google has extended its support to 11 Indian languages for its leading product, YouTube.

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WhatsApp to curb fake messages from circulation



WhatsApp appointed grievance officer to remove fake messages from circulation in India. Very soon the WhatsApp users can inform or arise complaints on fake messages through the application. The users can find options to make a complaint or send information regarding the fake messages in the settings tab. There is also an option to directly reach the grievance officer.
WhatsApp has been under pressure from the government officials to develop tools to identify and reduce fake message circulation. On the result of this, WhatsApp has appointed Komal Lahiri as the grievance officer for India. Lahiri is the senior director of Global consumer operations and localisation in WhatsApp. There are more than 200 million WhatsApp users in India. WhatsApp has already restricted message forwards to five chats at a time. WhatsApp also introduced ‘forward’ label to indicate the forward messages. In order to discourage mass forwarding, the quick forward button also removed from the application. With all these actions, the appointment of new grievance officer for India added value to curb fake messages.

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